• 2016年Q2 中間報告会

Applied Information Systems Research Division (Shimojo Laboratory) at the Cybermedia Center is a research division which is in charge of administration and management of large-scale computing systems including supercomputers for Osaka University and research and development of high-performance computing and high-speed networking. Leveraging rich expertise and experience through the administration and management, we are working hard on research and development of high-speed networking and high-performance computing, especially in the area of Cloud computing, Sensor networking, CyberPhicics and its integrated technology. We are also in charge of education and research supervision of students and graduate students at the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.

大阪大学サイバーメディアセンター応用情報システム研究部門 [Applied Information Systems Research Division, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University]